TH!NK Fast
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2008-12-20 Wii Party E (Everyone) Disney Interactive

TH!NK Fast is Disney's latest trivia game for PS2 and Wii. It's actually a lot like Buzz (the PS2 version even comes bundled with buzzers) with bits of Scene It. I took it for a test on my Wii to see how it fares as a party game.

TH!NK Fast is presented as a game show. Genie (from Aladdin) will be your host, and do I ever like him as a host! He's probably my favorite Disney character, and Aladdin is one of my favorite movies, so the funny comments throughout kept me especially entertained.

To start a game, you pick between single player or multiplayer, enter your name, choose the buzzer sound and pick one of the available characters, such as Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, Donald and more. Other characters and some accessories are unlocked as you play.

You also get to pick a place for your trivia game show to take place, which will dictate how the stage looks: the underwater grotto from Little Mermaid, the savannah from Lion King, the park from 101 Dalmatians and Lilo & Stitch's beach. It's funny to play through all the stages, since each has its own special guest, and Genie acts differently for each one.

For the multiplayer games, you can pick the number of players up to 4, the game length and even create a custom list with your favorite rounds.

Before each round, you get instructions as to how it plays. For the most part, you use the A button to skip instructions and pick a category in the first round. To pick an answer you can press the respective direction on the D-pad or press A and flick the remote in the direction of the answer.

The first round offers a bunch of categories which pass by really fast on the screen. Press A to pick one and get started. The categories include Music & Songs (question about who sings what, but unfortunately no sound samples to listen to), Sidekicks (for example, who is Maleficent's helper), Where in the World, Heroes & Villains (who saves Bambi from the fire) Past & Present and Supporting Cast. For each question, there are four possible answers, presented as images.

Next comes 50-50, where there are only two answers for each question, and not necessarily about Disney content, for example: which has a harder shell, an egg or a turtle?

In Star Struck, the round is presented by the special guest of the set you are in, so for Little Mermaid you have Sebastian, while in the Lion King set Timon comes to ask the questions. These questions are about the character himself, his friends or the story of the movie. A wrong answer here costs you points, and you're back to four possible answers.

In Odd One Out, you play a Hercules-inspired mini-game. Four jars spin, four images of the muses appear, and your job is to indicate which one is different. The first few spins are quite easy, but then the differences become a little more subtle.

Observation shows you a couple of movie clips and you answer questions about them, while Clued In slowly shows a sketch appearing while the announcer gives you hints about the object, place or star.

The final round in a game is Under Pressure. Here, all the points you collected throughout the other rounds are turned into time. The higher your score, the more time you get to answer as many questions as possible before the timer runs out. You also lose points for wrong answers in this round.

Overall, the formula isn't really innovative, but the presentation is fantastic and definitely aimed at children. Although the questions are presented as text on the screen, they are always read out loud by the announcer or guest, so there is no need to read them at all. As for the answers, they are all images, so again, no reading required. The controls are also very simple on the Wii-mote, with my preference going to the D-pad pressing instead of motion controls.

The only thing the game is missing is trivia about Disney Pixar movies. Although I do enjoy some of the classics, there are many that I haven't seen and Pixar's are by far my favorites. I was a bit disappointed not to see any mention of Finding Nemo, Ratatouille or Cars.

Still, TH!NK Fast is amusing, colorful, clever and extremely child-friendly. Definitely a party game for the family that will entertain the little ones and test anyone's knowledge of Disney's characters, movies and more.

Special thanks to Kathryn Green, Sunny Ing and Disney Interactive for providing a copy of this title.