Swords E3 preview
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2010-06-27 Wii Sports RP (Rating Pending) Majesco

My demo session with Majesco went from babies to swords... now we were more up my line of interest! After all, I do keep a claymore under my bed...

Swords is a sword fighting game for the Wii, taking place through time and space. Yes, it's true, you travel in time and space fighting enemies with your sword. You control a hero who goes on time-travelling only to fight a variety of enemies in all kinds of places: Samurais, punk rockers, Viking lords, robotic aliens, medieval knights (I swear, Lancelot looked just like Siegfried in Soul Calibur), an Arabian princess.

The setting of each fight is appropriate to the period your enemy belongs to, from a Japanese dojo to a modern city rooftop. Although you have plenty of enemies to fight, unfortunately none of them will become available as playable characters later on.

You play the game in third-person behind the character perspective, using the Wii-mote to slash at your enemies and block incoming attacks (if you swing at the right time). In the case of projectile attacks, you can zap them by pointing the Wii-mote at the screen, aiming at the incoming objects and shooting them into oblivion.

Swords also includes a split-screen 2-player duel mode. Players can customize their hero by buying and equipping different swords, each with specific properties (for example, a particular blade will poison, while another can give you a defense bonus). Aside from duels, there will also be something like an arena mode, where you keep defending yourself from hordes of incoming enemies (...zombies!! There are zombies, woo!) while destroying items for points, and a friendly sparring mode.

I did ask why not publish this for the PS3, with the Playstation Move and all... it turns out that this was an option, but unfortunately it got cancelled. Swords is coming out for the Wii in September, at a $29.99 price point.