Success Story
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2011-09-01 Android Time Management E (Everyone) G5 Entertainment

G5 has transformed some simple, casual time management PC games into touch-screen mindless fun for Android phones, and one of these is Success Story.

In Success Story you are tasked with managing Mc Moo-Moos, a fast-food chain going through troubled times since the automatization process didn't go so well. In fact, machines turned on people - like Skynet, but localized in a burger joint!

The game revolves around fulfilling your customers' orders promptly and correctly. Your ingredients appear in a whack-a-mole type of grid, popping out of the holes. To serve them, you simply tap the right ingredients for the burger in the right order (for example, hamburger patty first, then cheese, then lettuce). If you assemble it in the wrong order, the customer will get mad and walk out. You also earn a "flawless" bonus if you assemble the ingredients in a way that they match. For example, say the customer wants a hamburger with lettuce. If you have a hamburger patty with three onion slices on it, you will want to match it with three leaves of lettuce as the topping to achieve a flawless order.

Some customers want additional items, so you must also serve the accompanying drink and dessert, but at least you don't have to click them in a specific order.

The more complicated the order, the more money it will earn you, and the faster you serve it, the better your tip. Tips can be picked up from the grid as they appear from the holes by tapping on them. Aside from tips, you can also pick up bonuses such as the burger bonus which shows you the next ingredient required for an order; the radio bonus (makes customers wait longer and be more patient if you mess up; a time bonus that slows down the pace of the game so you can catch up on those back orders, plus a robot cook bonus which assembles your burgers automatically.

You will also have the chance to purchase upgrades in between levels, after you have earned enough funds to do so. The upgrade center is a building in the middle of the map, so you really can't miss it and you can visit it any time to see what's available.

In between stages you will come across mini-challenges. For example, there is amatching memory game where you must touch two of the holes and reveal what's in there, and find all the pairs in the grid.

Keep in mind I am playing the free version which interrupts you on occasion with a "Unlock full game?"), so I have only come across this task, but there are 7 mini-games in the full version, 10 "boss stages", and 10 differently themed restaurants to go through.

I'm fairly new to the Android, and this was my first gaming experience with it, and I must say this little game gets addictive and frantic soon enough. It's great to pass the time on the bus, the rounds and short so I get to play a few on my way to work. It doesn't quite work for long sessions, as it does get repetitive, but in short bursts, Success Story is fairly entertaining, and that was a surprise, since I didn't expect to keep coming back for a round or five of this very simple and straight-forward casual game!