SingStar Queen
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2009-08-25 PS3 Music/Rhythm T (Teen) SCEA

I love Queen. Loved it back in the day, still love it now. The music, the lyrics, the videoclips (even the completely strange ones). Plus, it's some of my favorite music to sing along to. And karaoke... How can I resist that? Mix both Queen and Singstar and you got me acting like a complete idiot in my livingroom. And I couldn't care less!

I haven't played the original SingStar for PS3, so I can't compare both titles. However, I have played enough PS2 SingStars to know what to expect. Basically, the formula remains the same. Aside from Practice, you can Sing Solo, play with another friend in Battle or Duet, and have up to 8 players in a Pass The Mic game.

A few things make SingStar Queen slightly different though. Yes, aside from the obvious Queen theme and the 25 tracks with their original video clips (insert fangirl squeel right here!).

With the Harmony Duets, you can sing along with a friend or the original artist for a combined score, or go head-to-head in a sing-off contest to see who has the best pitch. And now there is actually a lag calibration feature which definitely helps with HDTVs.

I actually was impressed by the voice commands to navigate the game. You can still use the controller and traditional D-pad and buttons to browse and select tunes or start a song, but when we got a quick preview of this feature at E3, it wasn't working so well. Probably all the noise and interference in the wireless mic, but whatever it was, it just seemed faulty. But experiencing it in the comfort of my sofa, the game had no problem recognizing my voice commands, be it stating simple commands such as "left" or "select" to browse the library, right down to the exact song titles to take a shortcut straight to that particular song. Want to sing "A Kind of Magic"? Just say it and the menu will take you to it.

Although in general I love the song line-up, I wish two more songs were in there, "I Was Born to Love You" and "Barcelona", a Freddy Mercury/Monserrat Cabballe duet that I am very fond of - but I understand that the latter goes a little bit off the main theme here. But it's still a blast to sing along to the 25 tracks, which include hits such as "Radio Ga-Ga", "Under Pressure", "A Kind of Magic", "The Show Must Go On", "Another One Bites the Dust", "I Want to Break Free" (feel free to dance with your broom while singing that), the oh-so-challenging "Bohemian Rhapsody" (you try hitting those high notes!), "Who Wants to Live Forever" and "Fat Bottomed Girls". As a bit of trivia, that is the song my husband dedicated to me one night on the radio. No, I wasn't mad, and we made the announcer crack up on air with the simple explanation that I can relate to it.

And if the 25 Queen songs and their respective original music videos still aren't enough for you, you can always hop to the SingStar Store and check out the downloadable content. Somehow, I wish we could import the song libraries from previous PS2 games as well and add them all together.

As for other features, the game is compatible with the PlayStation Eye camera, making you the star of your own music videos, which can be uploaded and shared online with other users. Not that I want people to see me act like a complete dork around the livingroom... but whatever!

Sure, it's still basically the same SingStar, and it still lacks online gameplay. But the bottom line for me is: SingStar Queen, I was born to love you. With every single beat of my heart!

Special thanks to Vincent Slaven and SCEA for providing a copy of this title.