Scene It?: Box Office Smash
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2009-08-15 Xbox 360 Party T (Teen) Microsoft / Krome Studios

It's been a while since I played Scene It?, but Box Office Smash was one of those things that you couldn't help but buy, especially bundled with You're In The Movies and another game at a very temptable price.

Scene It?: Box Office Smash is a movie trivia game that tests your knowledge of films ranging from the 1950's to today, in the form of fun mini-games that are suitable for almost everyone, especially movie enthusiasts. The game is bundled with the four wireless buzzer controllers (and batteries for all!), but you can play with the regular controllers as well. You can play a short or long game, locally with up to three other friends, but this time Scene It also lets you go against friends via Xbox Live.

In most puzzles, the one who buzzes in first is the one to answer. The timer counts down and the score slowly decreases as time goes by, so correct answers are rewarded according to the player's speed. This method basically turns your living room into a gameshow and all participants into actual contestants. And considering the virtual host's remarks, I think it all works out pretty well! There are even virtual prizes as you play through the rounds.

Extremely emotive player avatars use a flying sofa as a ride to each of the rounds, and most of the puzzles/questions remain the same from Scene It?: Lights, Camera, Action!, but there are a few differences. The yearbook photo mini-game is gone, and I guess I'm the only person I know who actually found that puzzle entertaining, so I can't help but miss it a little bit. But now we have the 8-bit movie scenes, which are hilarious and pretty well done. From the exploding head in Total Recall to the "Comb the desert!" scene in Spaceballs, this is by far my favorite mini-game this time around.

Some of my personal favorites from the previous game are back, such as Sketches and Child's Play, (where we guess the movie from a sketch or drawing that gradually appears), as well as Distorted Reality (a twisted image slowly reverts to normal), Invisibles (guess the movie by looking at the still image with missing actors or objects), and Visual Puzzlers (name the movie or actor by looking at the image clues, a bit like charades with pictures).

Other activities include solving anagrams, doing crosswords, fill in the blanks to complete famous quotes, watch the credits to guess what movie they belong to, answer questions based on video clips you have just watched, and guess what movie the still image shown belongs to.

At the end of each round, there is a summary of the accomplishments of each player and bonus points will be awarded for these. For example, answer all questions correctly in a certain game, answer correctly after another player has answered wrong, being the fastest to answer, and in some cases you get rewarded for a poor performance too.

While the solo game is still available and enjoyable, Scene It? is definitely intended to be experienced with friends as a party game, and now we can do that online with our friends via Xbox Live - definitely the most welcome feature.

However, I found that the video clips repeated themselves a lot in the game. In Lights, Camera, Action! It took quite a few games to get the same video clip to reappear, but here, a couple of games and I was watching Monty Python yet again. At least the series of questions was always different, but still, more variety would be very welcome.

Overall, I'm happy with Box Office Smash, but I still keep Lights, Camera, Action! Handy for whenever I feel like the game is repeating itself and want a little bit of change. Regardless of which Scene It? I play, I still have a blast and my husband will always manage to beat me. After all, he's Mr. Blockbuster. I'm just the gamer.