Nemo's Reef
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2012-12-28 Android Simulation E (Everyone) Disney Mobile

Looking for some hints on how to attract fish? Check out our Nemo's Reef guide!

Finding Nemo is one of my favorite animated movies ever. I loved the story and the characters, and Dory was especially dear to me ("Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."), so I jumped at the idea of revisiting the characters in this mobile game.

The story in Nemo's Reef revolves around who can build the best reef for a school project. Nemo and his dad Marlin are in charge of making this piece of the ocean appealing enough to attract different kinds of visitors and rare fish.

The game plays much like a city building game, but instead, here you place corals, seaweed, rocks and special decorations. Placement of certain structures near others attracts visitors to come and live in your reef. For example, early in the game, a seahorse gives you a hint that it likes to hide in corals and plants matching its color, so you must build structures in orange and green for it to stay. Other quest hints are even more vague and there isn't much help to be found, unless you use Pearls (more about that below) to purchase extra hints.

Nemo's Reef progresses much like social games played on Facebook. Active quests appear on the left side of the screen, and clicking on them shows the requirements to complete it. The two major resources for building your reef are Algae for feeding plants and Sand Dollars to purchase structures. There is an alternative currency system as well, Pearls, which are purchased with real money or by completing offers (such as signing up for services or downloading other apps) and can be used to speed up building or purchasing special things for your reef. Unfortunately, some of the quests actually require Pearls to complete, since certain items that you will need can only be purchased through this currency, which is unfair.

Another icon you should pay attention to is the pink heart at the top right of the screen. This measures your reefs' Vitality, a graph of everything that can be found there. The higher your Vitality, which goes up as you build and level up, the better chance of growing a rare plant or attracting a rare fish.

A social component lets you visit friends' reefs and perform up to five actions a day. If you don't have any friends who play the game, you can click the Random button to visit a random reef and interact with it.

While I am enjoying building and customizing my reef to see what types of creatures I can attract, I find that the game could benefit from adding some sort of interaction with the residents. There are no dialogs to be had, nothing much to be learned about the simple plot, no mini-games to play. All you can do is tap on a fish and watch it quickly swim away, just like in a real aquarium. Still, it's an entertaining casual game.

What it lacks in the adventure and exploration that one would expect based on the movie world, Nemo's Reef makes up for with great graphics, pleasant music and sound effects, a good amount of charm in its bright, colorful look, and the presence of the cute and familiar characters from the movie.

Nemo's Reef : How to Attract Fish

Rare Fish:

Green Parrotfish = Green Thalassia (from Mystery Seed)
Green Seahorse = Green Seaweed Cluster
Brown Seadragon = Orange Straight Seaweed and Green Straight Seaweed near each other
Yellow Lionfish = Amber Sea Nymph (from Mystery Seed)
Green Trumpetfish = Bright Green Thalassodendron (from Mystery Seed)
Orange Dusky Batfish = Orange Water Hyssop Flowers (from Mystery Seed)
Yellow Dusky Batfish = Yellow Thalassia (from Mystery Seed)
Green Dusky Batfish = Green Sea Grapes
White Clown Frogfish = White Sea Nymph (from Mystery Seed)
Yellow Jellyfish = 3 Yellow Pillows
Pink Emperor Angelfish = Pink water Hyssop Flowers
Green Emperor Angelfish = Olive Halimeda Plant
Orange Mandarinfish = Orange Kelp on Rock
Short Brown Seamoth = Brown Himanthalia Elongata
Orange Lionfish = Pastel Orange Halimeda Plant
Red Trumpetfish = Maroon Sea Grapes
White Seadragon = 2 White Seaflowers next to each other
White Seahorse = Place a Silver Bubble Coral surrounded by rocks near the edge of the reef
Light Blue Jellyfish = Rose Seabed next to Heap of Stone (add rocks if it doesn't appear)
Yellow Octopus = 2 Light Green Marine Shrubs, 2 Yellow Marine Shrubs, 2 Small Shells, Flat Rock and 2 Rocks
Red Seahorse = Bright Green Marine Bonsais next to each other
Red Octopus = Red Cirripathes and Lilac Cirripathes next to each other
Pink Jellyfish = Pink sponges, Pink Marine Shrubs and Pink Sea Blossoms near each other


Giant Brown Grass next to Purple Marine Shrub = small purple fish
Yellow Table Plant next to Heap of Stones = small yellow and white striped fish