MySims Party
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2009-07-07 Wii Party E (Everyone) EA

The MySims series came across as a much more simplified and kid-friendly Sims experience, while still offering plenty to do throughout the adventures, including socializing and customization. MySims Party goes in a different direction by offering a compilation of mini-games that everyone can play.

In MySims Party you participate in a series of Festivals, each composed of a series of activities. You begin by creating and customizing a character to your liking, but if you don't want to waste time, you can randomize one or select one of the available characters. I found that the customization interface wasn't all that intuitive. You change skin tone, clothing, hair and face details by clicking on the respective areas of the Sim, but it would have been much easier to just select everything by looking at a "catalog" with the options (like in The Sims 2). At some point my Sim went from female to male just from trying on some outfits with pants... and then I had to scroll through all the clothing options to find the dresses yet again and turn it into a female. You can also select a voice and adjust the pitch, and set the status points (attributes, if you will) of your Sim.

Once you have your Sim, you can move into the town of (insert name here). This town becomes your base for all the activities, including customizing the appearance of your house. In the center of town you will find the Festival "host", who will take you to the available Festival of your choice. You select your Sim and any other available Sim to become your partner. If playing on your own, the others (each team has two Sims) will all be AI-controlled. If playing with friends, up to three others can join you and select their teams as well.

All MySims have stats, which are related to the mini-games: strength, luck, speed and stamina. Depending on the type of mini-game, a particular stat (or two) will be highlighted. For better chances of winning, pick the member of your team with the highest of this particular attribute. Sometimes in the middle of a festival you get to draw a card, which can have a special effect to increase one of your stats. As you play the games, the MySims stats will go down.

The tasks revolve around picking up papers in an office, choosing clothes, grabbing food from a conveyor belt to feed it to a hungry MySim, make a pizza, answer quick trivia questions, target shooting, running, and moving boxes around to fill up holes on the ground (probably the most clever task in the entire game).

As for the controls, most of the mini-games are played by simple point and press A mechanics. Others have you holding the Wii-mote sideways and using the D-pad to move around and 2 to perform whatever action. Unfortunately, there is still too much shaking of the Wii-mote to do whatever task (running, for example...). Developers really need to think out of the "shake the Wii-mote" box.

As you complete a Festival set of activities, a new Festival becomes available, with 12 to participate in total. You don't necessarily have to win first place in them, but if you do, you are rewarded with a monument that goes in your town, and more characters are bound to move into town the better you qualify. To place a monument in town, you can just walk up to any construction site and press A, then select the monument you want to place from those available.

I was a little disappointed with a couple of things, one being the house customization. You can change the outside look of your home, but the inside will remain the same and you can't even move furniture around. As for the online features, the leaderboards are a nice touch, but there is no option to play with other friends remotely.

While MySims Party is ok as a little distraction for the kids now and again, the controls could have been better planned and diversified to make the experience more interesting. Online play should have been considered as well. Although the game remains oh-so-adorable, just as previous MySims titles, with plenty of characters smiling and waving that will probably have you smiling back, MySims is still best suited for the exploratory type of gameplay from the original title.

Special thanks to EA for providing a copy of this title.