Mario Kart Super Circuit
Reviewed by Minna Kim Mazza
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2004-12-19 GBA Racing E (Everyone) Nintendo

I have yet to buy a Nintendo GameCube - mostly because I don't have room for it and I wasn't as interested in the games at the time. Let's just say that I definitely had some Mario withdrawal, until I received a GameBoy Advance for a gift last Christmas.

Needless to say this lovely little square of electronic joy has made 90 minute airport waits (and flights) and everyday train commutes much easier to handle. So when I saw the Mario Kart Super Circuit game in the store, I had to pick it up, remembering all the fun I had when I used to own Mario Kart on the N64.

Mario Kart Super Circuit is definitely made to perfection in terms of similarity to the original Mario Kart game for N64. (Hmm... I wonder, do they have one on GameCube? Probably... I haven't really checked.)

While the themes of the courses will look familiar, the layouts aren't the same as in Mario Kart, so there is the element of surprise there at least. You can play the Mario Grand Prix, a series of four Cups with four races each. When you win, the results are saved in order to unlock the secret Cup races eventually. You can also do a timed trial or just run through a course for practice and fun. If you get Gold Cups in every race, you unlock the aditional Special Cup races.

As in previous versions of the Mario Kart series, the courses are packed with power-ups, weapons and obstacles. You run into floating squares with a question mark to get an item that you can use against your enemies, collect coins to speed up your vehicle, while avoiding random nasties that might cross your track or falling off the track altogether!

You can also link up with others to play multiplayer races and also the battle games which unfortunately you can't play single player against an AI oponent. It's basically the same concept, with having three balloons, and if you get hit, you lose a balloon until the last person standing still with some balloons wins.

The graphics seem similar, if not a little more primitive than Mario Kart, cute and colorful. But even if limited in options, in the end Mario Kart Super Circuit game produces enough fun to last for at least the hour commutes.