Girls' Fashion Shoot
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2014-02-01 Nintendo 3DS Simulation E (Everyone) Rising Star Games

I haven't reviewed one of these "girly" games in a long time, so here I am jumping into something I couldn't care less about: fashion and makeup! Yes, because anyone who knows me just a bit knows for a fact that the whole shoes matching the purse concept and makeup isn't really my thing. However, videogames are, and I'll play just about anything.

Back at E3, when I first got a glimpse of it, Girls' Fashion Shoot looked like something that could make the delights of little girls everywhere while challenging their creativity, so it was an interesting experience to check out the game in depth this time around.

Girls' Fashion Shoot places you as the new model and editor at Rising Star Magazine. When you first create your character, you get to pick from a handful of customization features such as hair color, hair style, eye color and clothes. You also answer a small questionnaire that will define the initial wardrobe that will be available to your character.

A typical day at the magazine is composed of completing different tasks. As a model, your job is to pick the appropriate clothes for the article you're assigned. You are given some keywords as to what the theme will be, and you can use the keywords to browse and filter the available wardrobe in order to find the appropriate clothing articles and accessories for the photo shoot.

You can choose a number of tops, even layering camis with shirts and jackets. Bottoms come in the form of skirts of all lengths, shorts, capris, leggings and pants. There are several socks and a variety of shoes, purses, bags, backpacks, hats, necklaces, bracelets, headbands and bows. Single-piece outfits, such as dresses or overalls, are also available.

For each piece that you choose, there will be a series of keywords to what the clothing piece belongs to, and you see how it will look on your character. Some pieces will not be compatible with each other (for example, boots with certain kinds of pants) though, so the game will automatically remove the last piece of clothing that caused that conflict. Coordinate all the pieces, pick a pose and a facial expression, watch the photo shoot and then pick the photo you prefer for the cover.

As the editor, you get to create the cover from the photo you have selected. You can rotate, enlarge and position your photo, and you can add an aura to make it stand out. You can customize the colors, patterns and size of the text for the headline. You can pick one of the many backgrounds and add decorative frames and stickers. Once you're happy with your cover, submit your work to receive your pay.

Most of the assignments are for fashion shoots such as the one described above, which makes the gameplay repetitive, but now and again you will have the chance to create a few other things: fingernails and makeup fashion shoots. Here you are given pre-set outfits and must match the fingernails or makeup to said outfit, with one or two other pointers (use a certain finish of nail polish, use a certain color of eye shadow, and so on).

The other little bit of variety is in the audition process. Every now and again you can check your cell phone and apply to available auditions. Some of them will have a theme, so here you have to match the outfit to the keywords, but others require just submitting the best photo of yourself that you can.

For the auditions, every effort counts, so you can go around the town and spend your well earned money on new clothes, hairstyles, makeup and nails, which will all become available in your bedroom. You can also learn new poses to use in your photoshoots, but I found that they are all too similar and never bothered with most of them. Besides, you can only choose one pose and one facial expression during a photoshoot, even if the model will move around a few more times in three other random poses. Why not just let us choose all four?

On occasion, you also get to meet and spend some time with other models, while doing social activities around town, but these are just presented in the form of text and a snapshot for your album. It's too bad that you don't get to play some sort of micro-game in these or actually pick some lines of dialog to chat with the other girls.

One thing that I find the game could use was a way to change the color or pattern on a certain article of clothing, much like we change the magazine cover backgrounds. And I admit I wasn't happy about the skimpy little micro-minis and tight shorts... Showing way too much skin for the target age group there! But then again, my mom always called me old-fashioned, even in my teens.

I have to say, in short bursts, I was quite entertained by the game, even if I don't care for fashion nor makeup. For the most part, Girls' Fashion Shoot is an easy game to play that any girl (yes, even me!) can jump right into. The appeal is in the exercises that test sense of style and creativity, although the repetitiveness might soon tire them out.