Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2005-11-15 GBA Adventure E (Everyone) THQ / Wanako Games

Need some help with the game? Check out our everGirl GBA walkthrough!

EverGirl was shipped to me in two versions, PC and handheld. Since both have similarities but at their core they're very different, I have decided to have separate reviews for each.

The GBA version isn't too far off from that of the PC (our review here) as far as gameplay goes. Sure, it may lack the cool 3D graphics but it's still an adorable and enjoyable game.

EverGirl on the GBA is a side-scroller adventure where you also have to complete a series of tasks in order to accomplish your goal. But unlike the PC version, these tasks have nothing to do with school. The purpose of the game is to transform an old theatre into a stylish café.

There is quite a bit to do in this handheld everGirl world. It's a very simple game to pick up and play. Besides, there will always be a little sentence at the bottom of the screen to tell you what to do, should you lose track of what you're doing.

The mini-games in this version include photography, Simon-says/memory, rhythm games (push this button at the right time) and rollerblade racing. You can interact with characters and objects, you can rearrange and repaint your furniture (or get rid of it altogether if you don't want it), you can even change your hair and clothes by interacting with a mirror or dresser. You can also have pets in your house, but there isn't much interaction with them.

You also get your own cell phone, which you can even customize with covers, backgrounds and ring tones, though you must unlock them first by completing quests. You use it to check messages, call your friends when you need help or receive important calls that advance the story.

There are several collectibles that aren't so obvious at first since they blend in with the background quite well, but you can pick flowers, fruits, catch butterflies, find friendship bracelets and CD's or pick up everIcons all over the place.

The only downside is that both games are quite short, but especially the GBA version which took me around 2 hours to complete. Both are extremely user-friendly, but if I had to recommend just one, I'd say get the PC version since you will get more out of it in terms of content, graphics and sound.

In sum, everGirl is an entertaining game with colorful graphics, cute characters and enjoyable music. Yes, it's primarily aimed at a younger female gamer audience, but let me tell you, this older female has enjoyed playing it quite a bit.

Special thanks to Spencer Franklin and THQ for providing copies of this title.