Doctor Who: Legacy
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2014-07-27 Android Puzzle E (Everyone) Tiny Rebel Games / Seed Studio / BBC

As far as puzzle games go, most of the ones I've played on my phone revolve around similar mechanics, so every now and again I will look for another to keep me entertained. For the past month, my companion has been Doctor Who: Legacy, a casual match three type of puzzle with Puzzle Quest mechanics.

Doctor Who: Legacy lets you build your team by adding one Doctor and five companions. Characters are associated with specific colors and have their own unique abilities. The more combos of a color you make, the faster you can use the character's special skill. You can unlock more characters and Doctors as you progress and play through the different seasons.

Seasons are composed of episodes, each containing a series of battles. Several of them are based on TV episodes, while others are just added on. You will encounter familiar faces such as Clara, Madame Vastra, Rory, Amy and even Nefertiti. You can't have a team without The Doctor, and you can eventually have them all (not all have been released yet) from The First to The Eleventh, including The War Doctor.

Game progression is based on completion of the previous episode in the season. Each episode shows you the possible rewards upon victory: items, time crystals, characters or character costumes. Your enemies will vary, and you will find yourself battling Angels, the Ood, the Silence, Daleks (of course), Cybermen and many others.

Attacks are based on matching the different colored gems: blue, red, yellow, black, green. For whatever color you match, the characters who use that color will cause damage to the enemy. Pink gems will directly heal you, while stone gems serve no purpose but to annoy you.

Characters have Attack, Heal and HP attributes which add up to the team's total. For each victory you earn experience, which means you can level up your team members and increase their attributes. Every 10 levels you can upgrade your characters by using items you find during battle, and with each upgrade you receive a star. Accumulating stars allows you to use more perks, which are passive skills that make you more efficient, such as higher attack, less damage taken from a certain color, or causing more damage with a certain color.

Aside from the Seasons progression, the game also offers challenges, which are episodes that you must complete under certain character requirements. Signing up for the newsletter not only keeps you on top of updates, but also occasionally gives you a free character or costume code to expand your collection.

The main reasons why I'm loving Doctor Who: Legacy are the theme (obviously) and the customization options. The ability to customize your team for whatever challenge is a great thing, and you can spend a large amount of time just levelling up the characters you've found to give your team other abilities. The episodes sometimes throw quite the challenges at you, like constant poison, turning all gems black so you don't know their colors, timed attacks, or insane amounts of HP on a boss, and the only way to find out what works is by trial and error.

As a little added bonus, you can customize the look of the spheres on the puzzle field: Gallifrey symbols, Dalek heads, Ood spheres and more.

It's quite nice to find familiar characters, revisit pieces of the story and highlights of episodes until the next Doctor Who season gets back on the air. For a casual mobile puzzle game, Doctor Who: Legacy has enough going on in terms of challenges and collectibles to keep me busy until Peter Capaldi makes his debut on August 23rd!