Alien vs Predator: Requiem
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2008-02-17 PSP Action/Adventure M (Mature) Sierra / Rebellion

I love both Alien and Predator movies, and AVP is probably my favorite of them all. I haven't seen the sequel yet (I'll wait for the DVD) but I have the game of the same name. I know, I know, the whole "movie turned game" curse?そ So let's see?そ

Alien Vs Predator: Requiem puts you in the shoes of a Predator with a simple mission: annihilate all Aliens on Earth.

Since you're a Predator, obviously you will have that handy cloaking ability and some basic weapons at your disposal. You can unlock better weapons by collecting honor points, which you get from killing Aliens. Aside from a spear and knife, you will be able to get a pistol or a shoulder cannon, at which point the rest of the game will be a breeze.

You also wear the mask made famous in the movies, which allows you to scan for heat signatures and pieces of Predator technology, which you must locate and destroy in exchange for more honor points. Another goal the game tosses at you is to save innocent humans, which seems a little weird, being a Predator and all. It would be more appropriate if the game said "skin this many humans"?そ but maybe that's just me.

Saving humans is actually pretty annoying because of the target-locking system. Even if you're in a middle of a swarm of Aliens, you will somehow end up aiming and shooting at the innocent bystander on many occasions, which deducts honor points from your score. But even if you do kill them, it's a bearable loss in comparison to the amounts you get from destroying Aliens.

As for the Aliens?そ they're really not so big, bad and scary as you would think, and it's not because they're on a small screen. They're not even nearly as intelligent as they are supposed to be. The AI is just?そ well, bad. Groups won't attack as a group, but make an orderly queue to get to you one at a time instead.

The presentation is better than the gameplay, and overall, the game does look good and the animations are very fluid. I especially like the visor effects when changing to different views: normal, tech, thermal and alien perspectives make the game world look very different and they're all very similar to what you might remember from the movies. The sound effects are also taken from the movies, and the music and certain background noises set the tense environment that you would expect for such game. The voices on the civilians are forgettable though.

Although there is an Ad-Hoc co-op Skirmish mode with a few different maps, there is no actual online multiplayer, which would have been much better.

AVP: Requiem is short. Considering the enemy AI and the map indicators, the game is extremely easy, so you will run through it fairly quick. There are about 6 hours of total gameplay in the story, and what does add to replayability is that you can choose from three paths, but unfortunately the final stage and your ending will be the same no matter what. A bit redundant, except for the change in scenery.

Good presentation and not so good gameplay sum it up for this game, which usually means a bunch of good ideas that weren't implemented well. I wish I had better things to say about AVP: Requiem, but it turned out not to be as interesting and nowhere near as creepy as I expected.

Special thanks to Arne Meyer and Vivendi for providing a copy of this title.